The Polished Professional:
Everyday Manners & Social Skills

Most people make up their minds in the first 60 seconds whether or not they are going to do business with someone based on their professional engagement.


This course will give you understanding of and the practical skill set for:

With this knowledge and these skills, your employees can be more at ease in business and social situations. They will have greater confidence when interacting with your clients, coworkers and colleagues. This confidence can then spill over into their personal lives, increasing their satisfaction with their jobs and their lives.


With such a small window to lose your client’s business, are you willing to settle for anything less than perfect?

The Remedy: Training in Business Etiquette

Our Polished Professional: Everyday Manners and Social Skills course focuses on soft skills and business etiquette to help your employees become the best representatives possible for your company. When your staff acts professionally both within and outside the workplace, they send positive messages about your company every day. 

What are these soft skills? These are the attributes that enable your employees to interact positively with others. Development of these skills enables your staff to build stronger business relationships with coworkers and clients which translates to more success in the workplace.

Employees need to know exactly how to behave in a wide variety of professional settings. When they have these skills, they are more pleasant, confident and enjoyable to work with. They also become far more capable of building solid, productive relationships with their business associates, peers and even family and friends.

About Poised Life

Poised Life provides an online learning platform with courses specifically designed to develop your staff’s personal, business and relationship-building skills. We offer a series of courses designed to encourage reflection on each student’s existing habits so they can adjust these, grow and improve these habits based on their newfound skills and knowledge. For some people, Business Manners 101 will be a simple refresher. For others, it will be a new and startling concept that enables them to grow and advance their professional abilities and tool kit.