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Poised Life provides engaging training that helps individuals and businesses improve the social environments they work in and deliver exceptional service to others, resulting in higher employee retention, better customer service, and business that’s more enjoyable.

I never considered the effect good manners could have on life and business, until one unexpected moment on the streets of Los Angeles. In 2009, I was walking into a medical building with my 6-week old daughter tucked peacefully in her stroller, when  the gentleman in front of me walked around me, opened the door, and walked right on through. He never looked over his shoulder to see where I was and frankly, I doubt he cared. That door slammed onto the side of the stroller, rudely awakening and scaring my 6 week old, who screamed her head off from the jarring motion and loud sound.

I was left angry at how someone could be so rude and oblivious. It would have taken a few seconds for him to hold the door which would have changed the course of that afternoon. While you might be thinking I wish he had, I’m actually now thankful for that passing moment as it led to my awareness that manners has truly been lost in our society…and the effects on business are grave indeed.

In the workplace, and in society, so many are stuck in their own thoughts to mind what is happening around them. Many are glued to their screen, bumping around like a pinball as others try to navigate their day. People often don’t realize that sometimes their actions create a very undesirable effect on others.

And that’s how Poised Life Inc. came to be.

As I became more and more familiar with the subject of manners and etiquette, I realized that the totality of manners and etiquette is simply making others feel comfortable. Making others feel seen. Making others feel important. Seeing life from their point of view and reacting based on their point of view.

I realized that all those very awkward moments I had, all those times I felt I didn’t fit in, all those lost sales, bad first impressions, they were my lack of knowledge on how to act in certain situations. This lack of knowledge made me feel a lack of confidence. The lack of confidence made me uncertain and the uncertainty – it didn’t give the best impression.

And I know I am not the only one. There are many people going about their day, not ever knowing why they lost a sale, didn’t close a deal, lost a relationship, upset someone, felt uncomfortable, didn’t want to network, felt excluded at their job, etc.

On the flipside, there are those moments when we do or don’t do something and we notice the subtle or not-so subtle negative effect on others and aren’t quite sure how to prevent disappointment, hurt, or upset. Think of the customer service rep who casually says something only to be met with angry responses and bad reviews.

Those people are exactly who these courses are for. If I can help one person be more successful, more happy, more confident, who in turn helps another person, who then helps another person, we get the ripple effect and I can help change the world!

Once I started incorporating this training with my clients, the results were extraordinary. Employees were happier, customers felt more satisfied, and business was less complicated.

It is now my duty to serve others, with knowledge and wisdom, from my own personal experiences of awkwardness and lacking confidence, and to share the stories of others, from the mishaps at the office, to the failed first impressions, to the lack of confidence and not fitting in, it’s my time to help you. Because, at one point, I was all of those things. And when I got the knowledge, I felt I had the power in any given situation. I had the confidence and I could be comfortable with who I was, where I was and those around me.

I can only hope to empower you and your business with this knowledge.

Happy learning.

Wishing you all the best and a Poised Life.

Lorianne Isaacson

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Decades of experience

With other people's stories and our own wealth of experience, we developed this curriculum so that it’s easy to learn, understand and apply.

Simple and effective

The courses aren’t loaded with “fluff and stuff” that sucks up man hours of wasted time. We understand that every minute your crew is learning is time away from their production. That’s why we’ve made the courses fast, simple and effective.

ROI that’s instant

The courses are affordable and the ROI is instant. Improving your business environment and empowering your team to be more confident, caring, and aware results in happier employees, better customer care, and a more enjoyable work environment. It also opens up the flows of creativity and who knows how much that can and will bring in the future.

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“Good manners are cost effective. They not only increase the quality of life in the workplace, they contribute to employee morale, embellish the company image, and play a major role in generating profit.” – Letitica Baldrige