Building Your Personal &
Business Identity

Every year, businesses lose $1.6 trillion due to negative customer interactions. Don’t let your company be one of them.


In this 25 minute online training course, you will:

With this knowledge and these skills, your employees can be more at ease in business and social situations. They will have greater confidence when interacting with your clients, coworkers and colleagues. This confidence can then spill over into their personal lives, increasing their satisfaction with their jobs and their lives.


Personal skills are what help you forge good business relationships and relationships are at the heart of business.

About Poised Life

Poised Life provides an online learning platform with courses specifically designed to develop your staff’s personal and business manners and relationship-building skills. We offer a series of courses designed to encourage reflection on each student’s existing habits so they can adjust these, grow and improve these habits based on their newfound skills and knowledge.