Surviving the Holidays

The holidays are filled with both joy and stress.


Surviving the Holidays with Poise & Grace

Our manners training will provide you with the foundation for successfully navigating all the social situations throughout the holidays.

After completing this 30 minute course, you will walk away with:

With this knowledge, you can be more at ease and confident when interacting with family and friends. 


Although we have wonderful ideas of grandeur about the perfect holiday vacation, often times it doesn’t quite turn out the way we had it planned in our head.

Most associate the holidays with traditions. Whether cooking together, watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, family movie nights – these moments create positive memories for our children and it becomes about the quality of time we spend together.

Your Survival Guide

The Surviving the Holidays with Poise & Grace Course focuses on the simple soft people skills that help you interact positively and show respect & kindness with poise and grace to make the holidays extra special – not only for you but for your family and friends.

What are these soft skills? These are the attributes that allow you to interact positively with others for a better, more positive experience. Developing of these skills enables you to own the conversation, spread joy, relax and avoid creating undue stress on others.

You need to know exactly how to behave in a wide variety of settings as you house hop, party hop, mall shop and navigate your way through the holidays. When you have these skills, you are more pleasant, confident and enjoyable to be around. You also become far more capable of building friendly and honest relationships with family and friends.



Holidays are our lifeline to sanity and a chance to step away from everyday life and reconnect with the people we love. ​

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