Business Manners 101

Positive company culture is a key component of a successful business.


What’s In This Course

This fast, effective course covers:


How can poor company culture affect your company?

How to Change a Company’s Culture

How can a company’s culture be modified to be more positive? By increasing the interpersonal skills of the employees. These personal skills are a large part of what forges the good business relationships at the heart of a thriving business.

Employees need to know exactly how to behave in a wide variety of professional settings. When they have these skills, they are more pleasant, confident and enjoyable people to work with. They also become far more capable of building solid, productive relationships with their business associates, peers and even family and friends.


Companies with strong work culture see better employee engagement, increased productivity and higher profit margins.

About Poised Life

Poised Life provides an online learning platform with courses specifically designed to develop your staff’s personal, business and relationship-building skills. We offer a series of courses designed to encourage reflection on each student’s existing habits so they can adjust these, grow and improve these habits based on their newfound skills and knowledge. For some people, Business Manners 101 will be a simple refresher. For others, it will be a new and startling concept that enables them to grow and advance their professional abilities and tool kit.