The Art of the Handshake and Making Good First Impressions

Research has shown that when you first meet a person, they will form 11 distinct impressions of you within the first seven seconds of interacting.


Impressions formed in the first contact will dictate the person’s trust, loyalty and willingness to spend money with your business.

About this Course

This training will give your employees a foundation for success with improved social skills and the awareness of how their communication, behaviors, and actions affect others. This will improve your business environment, reduce internal conflicts between employees, and result in improved relationships with customers and staff.


There are several factors involved in generating this first impression:
Because we can control these elements, we all have the power to command a winning and positive first impression in every engagement in our business affairs, our personal lives and everyday interactions.

Can you afford to get it wrong?

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. According to research, people’s first impressions of those they meet are 76% accurate. The majority of people believe that they can spot a “phony” the moment they meet them.

The Importance of First Impressions to Your Business

Every organization knows that having a professional reputation can be the difference between success and failure. Smart companies seek to retain those staff that make the most professional impression on clients, colleagues and coworkers. Professionalism in business is about having a reputation for excellence and treating others with respect and integrity. A professional is someone who manifests a professional attitude in any circumstance. When others view you and your staff as professionals, this can open countless opportunities for greater success in your business and personal life.

Proper behavior and manners are part and parcel of this professionalism. Understanding how to behave and what constitutes good manners is a crucial component in increasing success in business and personal relationships.

Times are Changing

When a person knows how to behave in a wide variety of professional settings, they become more confident, which makes them a more pleasant and enjoyable person to work with. Possessing this knowledge also provides a person with the all-important tools needed to build solid, productive relations with business associates, peers, family and friends.

Training enables employees to grow their knowledge base and improve the job and interpersonal skills that make them more effective in the workplace.

Your Return on Investment

One study revealed that more than half of high-growth companies average between 30 and 50 hours of training per employee each year. In contrast, 61% of low-growth companies averaged between zero and 30 hours of training per employee.

Training prepares employees to advance into higher roles and take on more responsibility. Employees who experience less training and fewer opportunities for advancement will remain stagnant, see little motivation to improve bad habits or leave the company altogether.

About Poised Life

Poised Life provides an online learning platform with courses specifically designed to develop your staff’s personal, business and relationship-building skills. We offer a series of courses designed to encourage reflection on each student’s existing habits so they can adjust these, grow and improve these habits based on their newfound skills and knowledge. For some people, Business Manners 101 will be a simple refresher. For others, it will be a new and startling concept that enables them to grow and advance their professional abilities and tool kit.